Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here's to a New Year

As the New Year has started, I've decided that I **really** need to get my butt in gear and start accomplishing something.  Not that I haven't been doing anything, but there's a big difference because playing around and actually meeting a goal of some sort. the vein of other blogs that I read and follow, I've picked a "word" for the year:  Do!  

I haven't put a list in writing (yet,) but I did know my first goal.  I wanted to submit a piece of jewelry to one of the local galleries, Crossroads Art Center, for their shows.  I did and it was accepted!!  Woohoo!

All Media Show at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, VA
Next on my list?  There's another show, but this time at Art Works, where I'd like to submit a piece or two.  And I'd like to perhaps start selling some things soon...I want a rolling mill!!  :)

Take care!

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Lori Anderson said...

Hey there! I have been so swamped I've been TERRIBLE about visiting blogs. I'll be better now!